Welcome to HexaTiger! With team members in Montreal, New York and California Hexatiger takes pride in serving clients from around the world. Our Software Engineers, Computer Scientists and Designers work tirelessly around the clock to deliver quality web products and provide a revolutionary online experience for our clients. We make sure to never get comfortable with the current technologies at hand and always strive to look forward, innovate and keep ahead of our competitors. Our passion lies amongst virtual beauty, simplicity and lightning fast systems. Hit me up, I've got a lot more to say!

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Web Artist / Design Manager

Michael Peres
CEO / Software Engineer



Simple, we actually deliver! Making a powerful website, one that puts you way ahead of your competitors requires a deal of work, more work than most developers anticipate or are willing to put in. A custom design is certainly important and can give you that needed edge but that's only 30% of the job. A solid mobile presentation, a clean and intuitive look, a powerful and reliable server and most importantly lightning fast code is what makes us notches about our competitors. Doing this professionally is what separates the men from the boys and unlike templates, which are filled with unneeded junk, our sites are heavily optimized to the core. Doing work at this level gives your clients an extraordinary experience and creates an environment which can take your SEO to the very top.

An absolutely beatiful, lightning fast website, hosted on a reliable and powerful server with impeccable SEO is a quality standard all professionals should expect. It's time to be a part of the change, let us help!

If you already have a website, we can we can clean it up, and heavily optimize it for SEO and faster page loads. Furthermore, HectoFox.com is an afiliate cloud hosting company which was spawned alongside the talent at HexaTiger. We can also merge you over to a rock host and server, save you plenty money, secure your site and help your SEO. A win/win for everyone.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to reach out. Let use know your thoughts and we can guide you on the correct path to success.


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