Basic Web Development For Individuals

Service Summary

For time-sensitive projects requiring budget-conscious solutions, we specialize in creating a clean and efficient online presence that emphasizes the core elements necessary for effective search engine optimization.

Our personalized service guarantees a well-designed basic website that covers all essential aspects, such as: who you are, what you do, your defining attributes, social media urls, startups founded, and notable works.

By incorporating these critical components, search engines like Google will be better equipped to accurately index and understand your online persona, laying a solid foundation for your digital footprint.



  1. Place a website order
  2. Place a hosting order
  3. Fill out the Website Questionnaire (here)
    🚨 The more prepared you are before you send us the content, the smoother the delivery would be! Coming prepared with the site content, page structure, and sites you like is a great start!
  4. Revise and approve homepage
  5. Approve entire site


View live site

View live site


4 days – 2 weeks after all the correct information is supplied.