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Service Summary

This service gives you the most bang for your buck. An affordable rate for a beautiful, light-weight, yet comprehensive website. We focus on a beautiful minimalist design, as well as cover the SEO fundamentals.

This website encapsulates who you are, what you do, your defining attributes, social media urls, startups founded, and notable works. This way, Google can begin building a proper understanding of your identity and this service would cover the minimal basics for such.

👨‍💻 Technicals

  • Elementor (website builder)
  • WordPress (website platform)
  • Rank Math (SEO tool)


  1. Place a website order
  2. Place a hosting order
  3. Fill out the Website Questionnaire (here)
  4. Revise and approve homepage
  5. Approve entire site


View live site

View live site


4 days – 2 weeks after all the correct information is supplied.